Capital Equipment Inc.: Turning Center inventory

Turning Center

Last Updated On 4/24/2019

CNC Turning
Manual Turning

   CNC Turning

           Harrison Alpha 400 Plus CNC Engine Lathe        Harrison        Alpha 400 Plus teach lathe                (#1558)

           KiaTurn 28L CNC Turning Center        KIA        KiaTurn 28L                (#1656)


           Schunk THW 265-71 Power Chuck        Schunk        THW 265-71                (#1615)

           Cushman 12" Manual Chuck        Cushman        12"                (#1342)

           Cushman B-10 Power Chuck        Cushman        B-10                (#1340)

           Cushman B-10 Power Chuck        Cushman        B-10                (#1339)

   Manual Turning

           Acra FEL-2060BCY Lathe        Acra        FEL-2060BCY                (#1574)

           Cosen TL-25 Turret Lathe        Cosen        TL-25                (#1635)

           JET GH1440 W-1 Engine Lathe        JET        GH1440                (#1682)

           Hardinge HC CF Chucker Lathe        Hardinge        HC CF                (#1498)


Capital Equipment Inc.: Turning Center inventory
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